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Water Integrated Cleansing

Water Integrated Cleansing

Water Hardness Controller

Our Specialised Water Integrated Cleansing is designed to make highly effective water treatment accessible and affordable for widespread use in aquaculture. WICS is a plug and play stand alone system with a life of more than 5 years and not requiring any electricity or chemicals for its regeneration, allowing the farmers to save a ton of money on electricity and chemicals.

Why you should choose SCS Products

WICS lead to improved efficiency, reduced water use, reduced wastage plus increased yields for the aqua farmers. Our proprietary technology makes use of the specialised Steron media in filtering out the dissolved organics and solid suspended particles from the water, removing the iron by nano-catalytic oxidation based technology, reducing the turbidity, reducing the BOD and the COD level plus much more! MICS, has a specialised technology of being self – sterilizing which prevents any bacteria growth & mud-balling in the vessel, leading to improved water quality from continuous filtering thereby increasing the ability of the shrimp & fish to feed and to grow.

Benefits of Water Integrated Cleansing

  • Improved Growth & Health of the Shrimp & fish
  • Life of our WICS system is more than 5 years
  • WICS does not need to be recharges, hence zero maintenance
  • Perfect for removing cyanobacteria & diatoms without any blockage issues
  • Non-Electricity based solution
  • Untreated water can never pass through WICS
  • Reduces the viral parasitic and bacterial risk to the fishes & shrimps
  • Reduces the dissolved and undissolved organic impurities presents in the water

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