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Ultra Pure Synergistic Combination of Oxygen Compounds

Wyldox Aqua is an Ultra – Pure Synergistic Combination of Oxygen compounds developed after years of Research & Development with German Scientists. Wyldox is a convenient, advanced method to disinfect the water and make the pond safe for the aquatic creatures. The shelf life in dry powder form is 5 years and that of tablets is  2 – 3 years. It is easily diluted into target water a s a biocide. Wyldox penetrates and kills bacterial slime layers and  destroys all known pathogens. The only residue is common salt, at levels less than are present in freshwater, plus  Wyldox does not form any toxic and carcinogenic chlorination byproducts.

Why you should choose Wyldox Products

We’re committed to help our customers in every step of the way and provide useful services to take care of all their needs. Since aquatic species are cultured under different conditions salinity and optimum temperature range should also be considered for selection of the right probiotic strain. Another important factor is that probiotics lack pathogenicity, Whereas Wyldox the most eco-friendly water disinfectant available will penetrates and kills bacterial slime layers and destroys all known pathogens. After all, probiotics should contribute to efficient production in a sustainable way, promoting healthy and robust animals.

Benefits of Wyldox

• Removes and prevents cryptosporidium parvum, white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and other bacteria, virus, fungus & harmful microorganisms, as well as RMS.

• No Calcium deposit on bottom of shrimp farm.

• 3 – 5 % increase in shrimp production by decrease in contamination stresses and enhance in ate of feed stuff.

• 100% soluble in water and Water PH doesn’t change.

• Sludge in water is removed.Decrease in death rate of shrimps.

• Keeps Healthier and better Aquaculture Ecosystem.
Wyldox Aqua

Preparation of Wyldox-Aqua (Ultra - Pure Oxygenated Compunds)

• 1 KG Wyldox Aqua-Powder (0.5 kg component A & 0.5 Kg Component B) is prepared in a HDPE tank with 25 litres of water.

• 10 KG Wyldox Aqua-Powder (5G component A & 5 Kg component B) is prepared in a HDPE tank with 250 litres of water

• Close the lid and wait for 4 Hours.

• Wyldox Aqua Solution is ready to be used as per the dosage chart

• Keep the lid closed at all times to maintain the solution’s efficacy

• Never put the Wyldox powder directly in the shrimp farm / pond

• Always prepare Wyldox Solution in plastic tank (minimum 3 layer) before use.

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